welcoming 2011

its one and an half hour left. well, i always have this situation when it comes to new years eve.
praying with my family and then, having some cakes, many kind of them.
never be able to celebrate with my friends. haha. because wa are the bataknese.
ah, anyway, its just a random babbling of mine.
so it comes to my mind that maybe i should make some resolutions for me for the next 2011.
mm i think not just some resolutions, i will add some wishlist too i guess.
so here we go.
my resolutions and wishlist for 2011 are :
  • lessen smoke/smoke less ( which is the correct one? i dunno)
  • save more money, i dont think i can ask my parents to buy me gadgets anymore
  • do anything with heart, not just because its a duty of mine
  • more sincere, heartfelt, heart-whole i dunno, you name it
  • graduate with A mark! ( i think this is the best present i could give to my parents)
  • get a job somewhere nice (Bali, if i may say) , and earning a lot of money! ( ha ha)
  • be more wise
  • get an i-touch
  • get a Blackberry phone (since i-phone need much more money to earn)
  • more feminin i think
  • at least, lower my level of selfish
hm,  i guess that's all for my resoultions and wishlist thingy. hehe, its kinda hard tho for me.
2010 had been so..hmm, i cant even tell how this year meant to me. laughs, tears, misundersandings, procastinating (not forget to mention), closest friend, everything-a lot of everyhting. thanks God for giving me such an experience. i think i cried most this year. hahaha. thankyou.

"Have a nice day everyone!!!"

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