reblogging ayu

actually i had filled the same post i guess, but well, its okay to reblog it all over again as long as i have the different answers, aight? haha

1. Beer: i'd love to hang out at brewers or some random bars at poppies
2. Food: warung italia 
3. Relationship: not having one
4. Crush: neither
5. Power Rangers: not into it
6. Life: rollerkoster
7. The President: hmpfttt
8. Yummy: pizza
9. Car: cherokee as always
10. Movie: finding neverland
11. Halloween: kapan sih?
12. Sex: straight
13. Religion: anything but not atheist
14. Hate: care --> setuju somehow
15. Fear: failing
16. Marriage: idk
17. Blondes: not my type
18. Slippers: brown
19. Shoes: i wanna have a pair of pull and bear shoes
20. Asians: ben joshua?
21. Pastime: letting go
22. One night stand: never had one
23. My cell phone: in its ugliest condition
24. Smoke: stopped
25. Fantasy: dream
27. High school Life: good
28. Pyjamas: undies
29. Stars: hearts
30. Center: of attention
31. Alcohol: would love to
32. The word LOVE: heartless
33. Friends: care
34. Money: something that always come and go
35. Heartache: only in my mind
36. Time: now
37. Divorce : no
38. Dogs: lone is gone
39. Undies: there
40. Parents: home
41. Babies: gendhis
42. Ex: y z
43. Song: i will be blessed
44. Color: grey/black
45. Weddings: hm
46. Pizza: margarita
47. Hangout: i'd love to
48. Rest: everyday
49. Goal: 2 years
50. Inspiration: all the good things

ah, i miss taking photos. 

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