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11 things about me :
1. i really enjoyed seeing people doing 'bike to work' in the morning while me sitting in the bus. haha. i wonder when my time to do the exact thing. i cant even ride a bicycle.
2. i love to listen. im a good listener.
3. chocolates, pizza, oglio olio are definitely my mood booster.
4. for now i would say my idol goes to amelia rachim who lives in italy now, as a jewellery designer
5. i love leather bags
6. my favorite band would be the black keys
7. reminiscing the old times by downloading old songs such as humania, iwa k, shaggy dog, sixpence, mcalmont & butler, etc
8. i am a straight shooter, talk bluntly
9. get bored easily
10. i hate liars
11. i prefer black than any colors. i dont know why.

questions from ayu
1. winter or summer? 
2. whose music concert you wanna watch?
    the black keys, beirut, florence + the machine, coldplay (lho banyak)
3. beside the country you were born in or you live in now, which country you wanna live in for the rest of your life?
4. what's your fav magazine? yes magazine, not book
    hm gw jarang baca majalah yu, but i think it would be bazaar (?)
5. coke or pepsi? why? *you've gotta choose one even if you hate or love both
    pepsi, karena lbh sering makan di kfc
6. what's the weirdest food you've ever had that surprisingly tasted very good?
7. what's your most favorite karaoke song?
    all american reject - move along
8. have you ever peed in your pants after the age of 15?
9. what's your number one on your wish list?
    italy (?) 
10. what's your choice for perfect breakfast feast?
     bacon and cheese ? errr
11. what's your favorite childhood animated character?
     i would say.. hm.. i dont have one, sorry

and here are my questions :
1. whats your favorite memory of your friend?
2. what is freedom to you?
3. what and where is your favorite corner/place to hang out?
4. what is your favorite words?
5. whats song that most describe you at the moment
6. how do you eat your noodles?
7. whats the most silly thing you ever done
8. who is your favorite person?
9. what movies that make you cry?
10. have you ever read " the term and condition agreement" COMPLETELY?
11. what annoys you so much?

hm i dont know who to tag, please feel free to tag yourself. or, if you already did this, just answer my questions anyway, i would like to know your answers. teehee.

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