such in a good mood

major heartbreak :

1. seeing a father yelling to his son and saying inappropriate words
2. seeing a young mother, holding her new baby born on a bus. *kesiaan
3. Not be able around when a friend needs you

best feelings :

1. when a friend tell you something important, and you're the first to be told
2. knowing that somebody else praying for you, your happiness
3. finished a project after a long time
4. feel inspired
5. make others happy and proud ( yea i know its kind of overrated but whatever~ )

i always take a bus to go home, and it makes me seeing some random things, which is good actually, like : seeing a girl holding her sisters (thats sweet, i never had a sister), some random junior high school girls talking and shaking hands when they about to split in "angkot", i mean, some points of life that unfortunately started to be forgotten.
i, myself, sometimes forget how to act nice.
sometimes, when you already feel really comfortable with your friends/surrounding/situation, you can be so arrogant.
so i guess, i need to be nicer.

couple days ago, i made some necklace on my own. and i felt soo good. ha! planning to go to mayestik again soon. so wish me luck, mate!

happy thursday!

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  1. setuju! naik bus (apalagi yang sekelas metromini atau kopaja) itu bener2 ngebuka mata and help us to cherish life more. :')