day 2 : tell 5 things about your best friends

Before we go to the main topic, i just want to spit my mood a little.
i plan to work at home and suddenly i just realized after checking my hard disk that i left my data at the office. it ruined my mood a bit. no. quite big actually. erghh. why o why. but the hell, i can't just leave my mood like that. so i tried to cheer myself up by reading. yes, i love reading. and forgot the things i should've done in the first place. HA! *biarin aja deh abis sebel.
oke deh, balik ke topik awal. day 2 : tell 5 things about your best friends.

Best friends. Hm, firstly lets talk about my idea about best friends. From a kid, i used to think that the more best friends you had, the happier you will be. So i make friends a lot in the hope that many of them would be my best friends. Hahaha, lame i know. BUT, i get tired. And, now, i could tell you i just have few best friends. Hm, i don't know if they ever mentioned me as their best friends as well though. Haha, but i know they love me kok. eh, iya kan?

1. Loves dog, ever telling me to pet one. But never happened anyway. I always think of him as my secondary dad. He loves to surf but lately he become a lazy fat ass who like to daydreaming in his room i guess. But i do pray for you loh dad.
2. Now she works very far far away from us. A kind of Aries girl. Hates (hm, loathe to be exact) cockroach. She will run away if she sees one. Or ask me to kill it.
3. A wide smiley girl, who loves to joking around. Always be the mascot of the class back then. I love her for her patience and caring.
4. A boy who looks up to his brother, actually a spoiled boy, never eat without read comics or anything that can be read. I hate him at the first sight. Anaknya berisik sih, rempong lagi, lo pasti males jg deh. But i impressed by his effort to start first. To befriend, to still help me even when he angry at me. 
5. A big mama. A giantoso. Thats what i used to call her. I know we don't talk like we used to be. You're still trying to catch your degree. And i will always pray for you. 

Guess who is who.

Haha, jadi panjang kan postnya. Lagi sentimentil nih gara2 data ketinggalan di kantor. Cih. 

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