These past days

  • From time to time, you get friends. At first, you make friends with anyone, but as you get older you have to choose which person you want to keep. well, not that i say i hate you, but your attitude doesn't show any good. so, bye bye for now.
  • I am a very loyal person, but who will keep that loyalty if you don't respect your surroundings?
  • Believe me, if i could then i would. But my mom just don't let me left my job if i haven't found a new one.
  • There's an opportunity that i've been longing and i still think about it. lack of confidence, maybe?
  • I am very happy to have jogging friends, Ipit and Synta. Sometimes me and Ipit practice Muaythai together. 
  • There's MuayThai Camp in Cinere, and this friday i want to try it out. Hope it will be good.
  • I am planning to sell my DSLR camera, well it's Canon 500D with 18-200mm lens. Since i just found out that my brother has two DSLR cameras, i started to think that i don't need camera on my own. I just want to borrow it from my brother. So, anyone interested? :D
  • I just started joining a choir at my church, yeah it's been a looong time since i moved from Jakarta. But now as i'm back, let's have a try (again) X)
  • I found out that Pizza e Birra Setiabudi is a good place to hang out. The food, the playlist, even the live music. I would like to go there sometime soon.
  • I want to change my cellphone, d'oh~ but i don't know when
Enough for todays update. Have a good day everyone!

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