A Short Getaway to Manado

It started with a sudden invitation from my mom, that she and my dad are going to go to Manado in Lebaran holiday. She said that maybe we all together could join them, as long as we paid our own tickets, and no need to worry about the accommodations since My Uncle there (who happen to be the Komandan Utama Angkatan Laut) will accommodate all of us. So, why not?
And of course (beyond my imagination actually) we all have the privilege to go everywhere we like without any difficulties. Even we had this guard to take care all of us, making sure everything is in the right place, and they had an ambulance (with a doctor)  following us just in case one of us is getting sick while we doing the trip. Iye gw tau agak2 lebay sih, cuma kata om gw, itu standard berpergian dia. Well, that's okay with me kok om. 

Photos above taken when we wanted to take off to Bunaken.

The next day, we went to this private resort, with the name Gangga Island Resort. I must say i really enjoyed staying there, because they had this incredibly comfortable room and the food tasted good.

this is the room for 2-4 persons

they all made by wood, it was a knock down room so you would found no else materials to build this room

pool by the sea

the dining room, they had this mini libraries too, but the books mostly in German, only few with english in it

the vitamin sea with a clear blue sky

where did the fish go????

The whole gang, yeah!!

My main family

another breath taking view, i just couldn't stop to stare at it

chapel of Mother Mary (can you spot me?)

my parents having a cup of tea by the lake

All i can say is, thank God for this opportunity. We extremely enjoyed the vacation. Gracias Tulang (Om in Bataknese) yang paling bokis!! 

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