Day One : Ten Things You Want to Say to Ten Different People Right Now

1. Thankyou, you're the best mom
2. Thankyou, you're the best pop
3. Thankyou, you're the best brother
4. Thankyou, you're the best girl friend, oya i'm not 'pundung' anyway, haha
5. Please, ask me nicely if you want some money
6. Stop assuming that you're the smartest, you're just a spoiled boy afterall.
7. Sorry for the judging, at least i know you are not that bad, haa
8. We are all tired, so please be patient and work for the best.
9. You're the most patient man i guess, so, thank you.
10. Hey you there, i know, its been years since we last talked. but you know, i will always care about you, hehehehehehh, ditunggu yah undangan nikahnya!

1 comment:

  1. 5. Please, ask me nicely if you want some money

    dessy manis, cantik, dan baik; tetep cantik walo udh ga softlens-an lg... aku minta uang ya buat bayar konsumsi harian... cucupwawaw, makasih dessy.. :* :* :*