Day Two : Nine Things About Yourself

1. i used to think that everyone's a good person, but if they do anything not in a proper way, i do easily underestimate them.
2. i do love using pink colour to my artwork, i'm not the type of cutie girl anyway- its so far~
3. i'm good at keeping secrets, trust me. hahaha
4. i do not like rain. i don't like being wet, except when i taking a bath ofkors. but i do love it when it comes to bedtime! woohoo
5. well, believe it or not. i'm not the type of 'galau' person. i'm more a 'stress-an' person, but as usual, my stress moment is just like a flash.
6. i love to see women dresses, but somehow i feel ridiculous when i'm wearing one. it feels like 'well maybe its not fit in me'
7. i would like to spend my holiday on the beach more, more, and more! when i hear the sound of wave, it brings back my memories.
8. i used to be a "yes man" once, but now, i am more picky rather wasting money with the wrong people
9. hmm, i don't know to say it in english. but i do love to 'digendong' baik di punggung maupun di depan. membuat saya seperti masih anak-anak. haha!

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