oke, selama 3 bulan saya ga pernah ngepost sewrius. Jadi skrg ceritanya serius dikit eaph. Norak dikit gapapa kan toh.
Oke beberapa hal yg bs saya tangkap dlm kurun beberapa bulan ke belakang adalah:
1. Instead of lucky, i prefer the term "being blessed"
2. Don't panic, it leads nowhere
3. Don't get drunk unless it's free
4. There will always be away if you put 100% will
5. Stop whining about your job as long as it gives you money
6. If you can't get what you want at least you get what you need
7. Just because you don't doesn't mean you can't
8. Once said, it is true that never too late to learn anything, but choose what you learn wisely
9. If you feel like exploding but don't want to tell anyone, just hit your bestfriend
10. People need each other. Stop being so strong. Nobody cares how strong you are.
11. I am not a religious person, but hey praying is the best way
12. Once said, crying in your own room is lame.
13. Good things happen to those who wait. So true.
14. A glass of vodka helps you to fall asleep (if needed)
15. People can always hate, but having a better life? Not really.
16. Always move, at least you still have feet if your head stuck.
17. Start small.
18. Everyone has their own part. Don't bother to tell them what to do.
19. Being spontaneous or being planned are equally fun.
20. Make yourself happy first.

Selamat sore semuanya, selamat menikmati camilan/teh/kopi anda! :D