suddenly feel like posting something

Not so quick visit to Bandung, but yeah it was fun. So thankyou very much Agam, for helping me  exploring the rough-ness of Kopo. It took almost 7 hours until we decided to go home. And then, Agam gathering up some people (as you can see the pictures up there), including Kuro Abe for dinner at Hartwood. Not much to say, but im very happy to see that everyones fine (at least).
Oh, at the first day i slept over at Cicid's and i feel so loved there because the warmth her family gave to me. So thank you very much Cicid, Mama Ida, Nenek Sofi dan Papa Aga. 
And of course, thank you Rara and Anya, for the talk and everything else. Very much.

Now suddenly i feel like missing everyone!
Have a nice day everyone! :)

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